Why 30 Days Isn’t Enough: Long-Term Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Improves Outcomes

The myth of the 30-day rehab places unrealistic expectations of people to recover from mental illness and co-occurring addiction. By separating fact from fiction, you can understand why longer treatment leads to better outcomes. By finding a residential facility with a long-term program and treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique situation and needs, you […]

A Social Treatment: Mental Health Benefits of Milieu Therapy For People Living With Schizophrenia

Being diagnosed with schizophrenia can be frightening, especially given the social stigma surrounding both the disorder and its treatment. Milieu therapy, however, offers a safe space in which to cultivate positive coping mechanisms and build a sense of community. As years of empirical evidence shows, milieu therapy is one of the most effective modalities for […]

Rock to Recovery: Why Music Therapy is Helpful for Treating Severe Mental Illness

Music can be profoundly healing. It helps us express ourselves, learn to listen, and feel a sense of camaraderie with others. Researchers have now begun investigating the impact of music therapy on severe mental illness. This research tells us that therapeutic music production can result in extraordinary transformation even in people with deep psychiatric disturbances. […]

Horses and Healing: The Possibilities of Equine-Assisted Therapy in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Equine-assisted therapy is increasingly being integrated in mental health treatment programs owing to its remarkable ability to help people with severe psychiatric illnesses, including bipolar disorder. By forging a bond with these majestic animals, people living with bipolar disorder can experience profound benefits that aid the recovery process in unique ways. As evidence of efficacy […]

Hanbleceya’s Wellness Program

Integrating physical activity into mental health services for individuals with mental illness is an important and ethical component of a comprehensive treatment plan. Individuals with serious mental illness are at high risk for chronic and lifestyle diseases associated with sedentary behavior, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Although the psychological benefits from regular exercise are […]

Creating a Mindful Plate – Balance Over Perfection

Creating a Mindful Plate— Balance Over Perfection. By Ursula Ridens, RDN Nutrition Consultant, Hanbleceya Learning to notice and respond appropriately to your body’s hunger and fullness signals while slowing down to savor each bite are components of mindful eating. Certainly, enjoyment is one aspect of the eating experience however, recognizing that nourishing food is premium […]

The Sibling Experience

It is not uncommon for the sibling of a person with mental illness be placed into a role of caretaker or be made an “invisible” family member. Often times the family’s resources (emotional, financial and time spent) are exhausted on the person with mental illness, leaving little left for a sibling. In adulthood, siblings will […]

Coping with Loss

Loss is an aspect of life every person will eventually experience. In almost every article or text one reads there is some statement made to normalize death as a natural progression of life. Whether death is drawn out and expected over the course of weeks, months, or years or if it is sudden, it guaranteed […]