Hanbleceya’s Wellness Program

Integrating physical activity into mental health services for individuals with mental illness is an important and ethical component of a comprehensive treatment plan. Individuals with serious mental illness are at high risk for chronic and lifestyle diseases associated with sedentary behavior, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Although the psychological benefits from regular exercise are […]

Creating a Mindful Plate – Balance Over Perfection

Creating a Mindful Plate— Balance Over Perfection. By Ursula Ridens, RDN Nutrition Consultant, Hanbleceya Learning to notice and respond appropriately to your body’s hunger and fullness signals while slowing down to savor each bite are components of mindful eating. Certainly, enjoyment is one aspect of the eating experience however, recognizing that nourishing food is premium […]

The Sibling Experience

It is not uncommon for the sibling of a person with mental illness be placed into a role of caretaker or be made an “invisible” family member. Often times the family’s resources (emotional, financial and time spent) are exhausted on the person with mental illness, leaving little left for a sibling. In adulthood, siblings will […]

Coping with Loss

Loss is an aspect of life every person will eventually experience. In almost every article or text one reads there is some statement made to normalize death as a natural progression of life. Whether death is drawn out and expected over the course of weeks, months, or years or if it is sudden, it guaranteed […]

Family Therapy at Hanbleceya

Family therapy is a crucial part of the treatment process at Hanbleceya. But why is this so? There are inherent problems in families where a member has a mental illness that creates stresses beyond those where that is not the case.  Families that come to Hanbleceya often have had a long history of trying to […]

Gratitude: The Healing Powers of an Attitude

As we quickly approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I have begun thinking about what I am grateful for in my own life and even more so I have been thinking about the power of gratitude in our daily lives. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool for decreasing depression and anxiety and has […]

Benefits of an Active Meditation

Posted by: Kristina Copley, B.A., MFT Trainee – Therapist, Hanbleceya October 28, 2014 In an active mediation, one intentionally moves their body focusing on every tiny movement they make. It is meant to amplify awareness of one’s own body as a mode of removing focus from distracting thoughts. The result is an alert and present […]

Can Individuals Suffering with Mental Illness Really Work?

Posted by: Katie Nguyen, B.A. – Work Development Coordinator, Hanbleceya October 22, 2014 This question is asked from almost every family member of those entering our mental health treatment center. The old theory used to be that “Oh, they are too ill to work; it’s going to increase their anxiety, make them sicker and cause […]