Psychological Testing

Separate from its semi-independent living treatment program, Hanbleceya offers a range of psychological testing services for individuals or families seeking diagnostic assessment or psychological evaluation.

Psychological testing provides an avenue to establish or confirm diagnoses and evaluate various psychological characteristics or processes related to an individual’s symptom profile, personality structure, cognitive or intellectual functioning, emotional status, social and behavioral patterns, and strengths and resources.  Psychological testing assists in the comprehensive assessment of an individual’s need for specific therapeutic services and strongly supports the construction of a suitable, informed treatment plan.

The testing and assessment process involves a structured clinical interview, review of previous treatment records and collateral information when available, the administration, scoring, and interpretation of one or several empirically validated psychological measures, and a feedback and debriefing session to discuss the results.  Written reports are available for clients and other designated parties.

For inquiries regarding these services or to request assessment, please contact our admissions department.