Supplemental Sub-Programs

In addition to the regular services provided by Hanbleceya, we offer several sub-programs that can be used to further your loved one’s treatment goals. Hanbleceya’s Addiction Treatment Sub-Program employs and integrates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment using individual, Chemical Dependency Case Managers for successful and long-term recovery. Our Nutrition Sub-Program strongly emphasizes self-care by incorporating healthy nutrition and exercise regimens into existing treatment plans with the aim of improving the management of psychiatric symptoms. Hanbleceya has also partnered with the Rocking Horse Ranch, a leader in providing quality mental health services, personal growth, teambuilding and leadership, and educational programs utilizing Equine-Assisted Learning and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

The following Sub-Programs are offered as an adjunct to the standard treatment program. All Sub-Programs are optional but do require a Hanbleceya clinical referral. However, the Addiction Sub-Program is required for those individuals who suffer from a co-occurring addiction, as determined by the Hanbleceya clinical team at the time of assessment.